Bluecooper Janitorial Cleaning Company in San Antonio

This is Tristin.           She made BLUECOOPER for you!

She wanted to do what no other janitorial cleaning company had: 

1. Make clients genuinely and consistently happy with their janitorial cleaning company.

2. Treat the hard working cleaning associates like no janitorial cleaning company ever has: train them and inspect them; appreciate them and reward them. 

Our Philosophy

  • no contracts:  we think they are as ridiculous as you do!              We want to be the janitorial cleaning company that actually earns your business instead of binding you to it!

  • Dust!: We bet you are frustrated with the lack of dusting your current janitorial cleaning company does! We train and arm our janitorial cleaning company associates with the knowledge and tools to deal with every dust issue: from unsettled dust, to accumulated dust, to dust bunnies, hidden dust and hard to reach dust--we'll get rid of it!

  • call me!: seriously, just call, text or email president tristin burell directly and she will personally handle your questions, concerns, requests and communicate with your cleaning crew that same day. we dare you to find that same service with another janitorial cleaning company!

  • behind the scenes: we know you are tired of babysitting your janitorial cleaning company! let us do the job right, so you can stop stressing about the janitorial cleaning company and get back to your real job! our goal is to make clients feel so relieved and thrilled to have found bluecooper janitorial cleaning company!

  • We hear ya!: to learn, you must listen-- and that is just what founder and president tristin burell did before starting in any accounts: she listened to all the common complaints ailing facility managers all around town about their cleaning company and came up with proactive solutions to each!

Bluecooper Janitorial Cleaning Company

Bluecooper Janitorial Cleaning Company
P.O. Box 171203 San Antonio, TX 78217 US
Phone: 210-326-8715 Website:

so, what's with the name? And that logo?

Everyone wants to know: "Why the name BLUECOOPER for a janitorial cleaning company?" We didn't think we'd be asked, but... Cooper is the name of Tristin's dog, and since Cooper alone didn't sound enough--she added BLUE because he is a Blue Weimaraner! That's it! The logo? Tristin's idea for a business was to create a full circle of sorts: one of giving your best to people, treating them well and delivering on what you promise (to clients and employees), getting their loyalty in return and out of gratitude for growth and success, giving back to the community! 

Not What you're used to!

Read below to find out why!

based in san antonio, texas and woman-owned, bluecooper janitorial cleaning company in san antonio

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